• Assist ambulance service Ilkley Moor

    • 5th Dec 2021 Attendees: 12; Duration: 2hr 51min; Total Attendance Time: 34hrs 12mins‎
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    The team were called to assist the ambulance service with a person who had suffered a cardiac arrest whilst walking on Ilkley Moor. Team members assisted with CPR but the casualty was unfortunately declared deceased. They then stretchered the casualty...
  • Family and vehicle stuck in snow

    • 28th Nov 2021 Attendees: 5; Duration: 3hr 8min; Total Attendance Time: 15hrs 40mins‎
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    The Team was called to a family stuck between Arncliffe and Darnbrook, just as the vehicles got back from the previous incident..The Team Land Rovers were not able to reach the stuck vehicles so team members walked to where the vehicle was and walked...
  • Vehicles stuck in the snow

    • 28th Nov 2021 Attendees: 7; Duration: 1hr 40min; Total Attendance Time: 11hrs 40mins‎
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    The Team was called to stuck vehicles above Scar House, where one of the drivers became unwell whilst digging out his 4X4. from the snow. Fortunately he recovered sufficiently and with the vehicles moving they retreated down into Coverdale and were met...
  • Casualty Lindley Wood

    • 15th Nov 2021 Attendees: 16; Duration: 2hr 6min; Total Attendance Time: 33hrs 36mins‎
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    The team was called to assist a female casualty who had slipped and fallen, crossing a stone stile. Ambulance paramedics and Uwfra team members arrived on scene at the same time. After checks, the casualty was stretchered 1km to a waiting road ambulance,...
  • Farmer fell from quad bike.

    • 14th Nov 2021 Attendees: 19; Duration: 1hr 45min; Total Attendance Time: 33hrs 15mins‎
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    The team was called early this evening to reports of a farmer who had taken a tumble from his quad bike, potentially injuring his back. Team members were quickly on scene and worked alongside Yorkshire Ambulance Service personnel. After administering...
  • Injured male Hebden Gill

    • 13th Nov 2021 Attendees: 11; Duration: 2hr 39min; Total Attendance Time: 29hrs 9mins‎
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    The team was called to assist a male casualty who had suffered a lower leg injury whilst walking with his wife in Hebden Gill. On arrival the team identified a potential fracture to the tibula and fibula and initially requested the assistance of the...
  • Recovery of a body

    • 2nd Nov 2021 Attendees: 10; Duration: 2hr 56min; Total Attendance Time: 29hrs 20mins‎
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    The team was asked by the Yorkshire Ambulance service to help recover the body of a 70 year old male who had sadly died whilst out walking near West Marton.
  • Call to assist with a 74yr old female believed to have collapsed

    • 30th Oct 2021 Attendees: 15; Duration: 0hr 36min; Total Attendance Time: 9hrs 0mins‎
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    The team was called out by the Yorkshire Ambulance service to assist a 74 year old female who was reported to have collapsed and drifting in and out of consciousness on the path between The Strid and Barden Bridge. The team was unable to locate the...
  • Assist casualty with a lower leg injury

    • 29th Oct 2021 Attendees: 8; Duration: 2hr 49min; Total Attendance Time: 22hrs 32mins‎
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    At 2am it was an early morning callout for the team this morning as we were deployed to assist a casualty with a lower leg injury at Springhill Farm near Brimham Rocks. Due to poor phone signal in the area it took a little extra time to locate the patient....
  • Continuing Search for missing walker

    • 23rd Oct 2021 Attendees: 27; Duration: 12hr 0min; Total Attendance Time: 324hrs 0mins‎
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    The team continued the search along with 6 other rescue teams and 12 search dogs. There were about 97 Mountain Rescue Team members involved. However on Monday 25thOctober a farmer contacted police to say he had discovered a body in the Coverhead area...