If you're thinking about joining UWFRA first consider the following:

- Are you competent on the hills in all weathers and on all terrains?
- Are you a competent caver? Not all of our members cave, so this isn't an essential skill, but the team is always on the lookout for good cavers!
- Do you have a good local knowledge of the Dales?
- Are you willing to attend rescues at any time, day or night, whatever the weather?
- Could you attend regular training sessions (approximately two a month) to learn about the specialised equipment and techniques of mountain rescue and casualty care?
- Would you be willing to spend Monday nights at the Hut sorting out equipment and take part in regular fund raising activities throughout the year?
- Finally are you over 18 and fit and healthy?

If the answer is yes then there may be a place for you.

Applications for membership have now closed and will re-open again in October 2024 for a 2025 intake. Successful candidates are invited to the team base for an interview, to assess their suitability to join the team, and those who have the skills we need are invited to become pre probationary members at the January intake. Applications should be made to

Pre probation lasts for 6 months where members are assessed on their personal skills and also undergo specific training, such as stretcher assembly, rigging, navigation tests and first aid.

After 6 months and if candidates successfully pass all the training requirements they will be put forward for approval by the committee to be moved up to probationary status.

Probation lasts for a year. During this time candidates will be included on the active call out list and be able to attend callouts alongside regular team members. There are still various training requirements that must be completed throughout the year as well as regularly attending team activities over the year, and proving to be an effective team player should result in a successful candidate being invited to join the team as a full member.