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Andy Coast to Coast

Message from Jeremy Daggett, UWFRA president

Congratulations to Andy on his achievement of running the coast to coast in 3 days and to all who helped him

About The Team

For over 60 years the U.W.F.R.A. has been rescuing people and animals from the caves and fells around Wharfedale, Nidderdale, Littondale and Mid-Airedale.

Landrover & Seaking
Casbag & Stretcher
Cave Entrance
Cave Rescue
Cave Rescue II
Crag Top Rescue
Landrover & Fire Engine
Landrover and  Fire Engine
Landrover & Sea King
Muddy Cavers

The majority of its work involves attending incidents involving people or animals in difficulty in caves, potholes, mineshafts, on fells, crags or anywhere not accessible to the normal Emergency Services.

The team is made up of over 80 well trained and well equipped volunteer cavers, climbers and mountaineers and is on call 365 days a year.

Its membership live in "the Dale" or travel from as far away as Leeds or Bradford and are prepared to respond to a callout at any time of the day or night and in the worst of weather conditions.  Whilst it has been called to assist at major national incidents, such as the Lockerbie air crash, it has also had its own difficult rescues, such as the successful extraction of 2 trapped cavers through 200 metres of flooded passage at Sleets Gill. Rescuing exhausted and injured cavers and fell walkers who are lost or have broken bones is more the norm. The Association's activities also involve helping local farmers, usually with, livestock stranded on crags, in mineshafts, rivers or snow


Latest Callouts

Wednesday 15th Oct 14:00

Simon's Seat

The team was called out by North Yorkshire Police to rescue a sheep reported cragfast on Simon's Seat above Howgill. Team members searched the gulleys by abseil and then conducted an extensive search below the crags but the sheep appeared to have performed a self rescue - ewe-dini perhaps?

Sunday 5th Oct 08:00

Studley Park, Ripon

The team was called out by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with a female reported to have fallen 30 metres. The team was stood down whilst still en route.

Wednesday 1st Oct 21:45

Goyden Pot, Nidderdale

The team was called out by North Yorkshire Police to assist a female caver with a suspected broken femur. Fortunately, the incident had occurred in the stream passage near to the entrance and after treatment by a team doctor the casualty was carried to the surface and then to a waiting road ambulance.

Saturday 27th Sep 02:00

Ilkley Moor

The team was called out by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with a reported broken ankle. After treatment by ambulance paramedics the casualty was carried by the team to the road ambulance in Ilkley.

Wednesday 24th Sep 16:30


The team was called out by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist at a road traffic accident where a motorcyclist had gone down an embankment and couldn't be reached easily. The casualty was evacuated by helicopter and the team were stood down en-route


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